Dynalar Sandevistan

Operating Systems

Reflexes 6/9/12/15

♦ Activate to dilate time by 50/?/50/25% for 8/12/16/16 seconds.

♦ While active, damage dealt +5/10/15/15%. Crit chance +15%.

♦ Cooldown 30/?/15/30 seconds.

Dynalar Sandevistan is an Operating System in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are implants that players can install, exchange, and upgrade into V's body to obtain passive buffs and various active effects that provide different combat tactics and many more.


Dynalar's greatest achievement to date. Thanks to collaboration with Swiss corporation Bieri-1's neuro-research labs, this implant boast lightning-fast connection speeds, combat system flexibility and optimized combat perceptiveness. Ideal for specialists. 


Dynalar Sandevistan Information


Dynalar Sandevistan Acquisition


Version Price Ripper Location
MK.1 7500 Cassius Northside, Watson
MK.2 15000    
MK.3 25000    
MK.4 35000 Viktor Little China, Watson



MK.4 - Viktor in Little China, Watson.



Dynalar Sandevistan Notes & Trivia

  • Combined with the Legendary Arisaka mod - the Dynalar allows the player to become a Ninja, slipping through even the hardest levels unseen with only a little planning
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      Dynalar Sandevistan MK 2
      - slow time 25% for 12 sec
      - increase damage 10%
      (cooldown 30sec)

      Location: Ripperdoc, West Wind Estate (Pacifica)
      Requirements: 9 reflexes, 15000 $

      • Anonymous

        Dynalar Sandevistan MK 3
        - slow time 50% for 16 sec
        - increase damage 15%
        (cooldown 15sec)

        Location: Ripperdoc Ryder, Wellsprings (Heywood)
        Requirements: 12 reflexes, 25000 $

        • Anonymous

          IMHO the epic version is just way better than the legendary one. Even without the 15% crit chance, having 25% slower time dilation and 15 seconds cooldown with a 16 second duration, while being able to reduce the cooldown to 12 is just amazing. It's almost always available.

          • Anonymous

            With the legendary one(puts everything on 90% slowdown I think) you don't necessarily need quickhacks to take down an area. Get a silenced gun, shoot out cams, activate matrix mode, silence kill down scouts or groups out of sight of others. Not perfect but definitely an alternate for those who want to eschew hacking completely.

            • Anonymous

              these kinda suck since you cant use ANY quickhacks whilst using one of these, and you cant even bypass access points either. however if you're running a low int / tech build, maybe this would be better than using a standard cyberdeck. but even with low int / tech i still think using a standard cyberdeck with distract enemies etc is so much more valuable than being able to slow time and NOT being able to use any quickhacks

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