Reboot Optics

♦ Resets an enemy's optical cyberware, rendering them temporarily blind.
♦ Spreads to the nearest target within a set radius.
♦ Greatly increases the effect's duration.
♦ Enables the Optics Jammer deamon during Breach Protocol.

Duration: 16 - 16 - 32 - 32

Upload Time: 5

Cooldown: 10

Ram Cost: 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Reboot Optics is a Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are abilities that some characters can use to affect NPCs or the surroundings. You'll need a Cyberdeck in order to equip and use your Quickhacks.


When you pay for expensive optical implants, you leave behind your worries of dry eyes, allergy irritation and pink eye. But not blindness.


Reboot Optics Information

  • Price: 300 - 600 - 1000 - 1400


Where to Find Reboot Optics

  • Rare version can be bought from Ripperdoc at Pacifica, West Wind Estate



Reboot Optics Notes & Trivia

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.


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    • Anonymous

      Still extremely useful even when enemies go into combat on you. If an enemy is blinded they can still hear shooting or running or walking. But their accuracy is garbage. They'll shoot in your general direction but if you keep moving they'll usually miss.

      • Anonymous

        It's strange but if you kill enemy near with that enemy which is blinded sometimes the blinded one can start shoot at you even under this debuff

        • Anonymous

          I’m noticing whenever I unlock the daemon for the legendary version (optics jammer) it’s also applying a weakness of -2 ram onto enemies. Hmm

          • Anonymous

            Removes the enemy target's ability to see, making it easy for the player to sneak past or behind them for a grab. Keep in mind that is usually takes a bit to trigger so if used as a combo with Whistle, the player should check the upload time so as not to get busted by the approaching enemy. It is very useful in one on one fights at is can allow for some easy hits while the enemy is blinded and can only counterattack (they can counterattack however, so keep that in mind). Though it would appear costly at first, as the player increases their RAM and RAM recovery, it becomes very useful in stealth, even allowing them to evade enemies that would normally engage (like in certain missions where the player has to escort a character out of an area and enemies arrive there to intercept at the same time). The two golden rules of this quickhack are: 1) Always remember the upload time and 2) It causes enemies that are very close to the affected target to turn to face them.

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