System Reset

♦ Cripples a target's nervous system, causing them to lose consciousness. The affected target will not make any noise when passing out.
♦ Passive while equipped: defeating an enemy reduces the RAM cost of the next quickhack.

Duration: -

Upload Time: 8

Cooldown: 120

Ram Cost: 10 - 13

System Reset is a Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are abilities that some characters can use to affect NPCs or the surroundings. You'll need a Cyberdeck in order to equip and use your Quickhacks.


The magnum opus of a corporate netrunner who believed most problems could be solved by simply turning off whatever is giving you trouble.


System Reset Information

  • Price: 1000 - 1400


Where to Find System Reset

  • You will get System Reset from Nix, at AfterLife club. But first we need go to the place, where Dex was killed by Takemura. Next to his body you must find a fridge and open it. You have to take the cyberdeck and give it to Nix. After a quick dialogue and hacking, you will get System Reset.
  • The crafting spec to upgrade the epic version to legendary can be acquired by decrypting the tablet in the "Spellbook" quest. No specific perk is required.
  • Found in Japantown quickhack shop (After patch 1.2)


System Reset Notes & Trivia

  • Though not explicitly stated, this is considered non-lethal.
  • Works on normal cyberpsychos.
  • Targets knocked out by this Quickhack do not provide experience, although are still worth experience if you kill them afterward.  You still gain Quickhacking Skill XP.


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    • Anonymous

      I think that tthe Legendary System Reset can be found in the shop at City Center - North (East of Cortes v5000 Valor buy location). There is an GIG in this shop later (Someone is selling stealed Millitech merch and Animals are guarding it if I remember correctly). You can get in trough windows (you don't need any skill just open them). I am not sure where specificly I have found it, but I have empty inventory before entering (as I was hunting money to buy Cortes) and after that I have it in inventory. Can somebody please try this and confirm?

      • Anonymous

        Seems to be busted, and permanently knocks out a target. This is essentially a "one shot" since hitting anything with it permanently KOs like any non-lethal damage would.

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