Short Circuit

♦ Deals damage to the target. Very effective against mechanical enemies and targets with weak spots.
♦ Applies an EMP effect for a few seconds.
♦ Deals extra damage to enemies below a high threat level.
♦ Passive while equipped: Crit Hits any weapon apply this quickhack's uncommon effect.

Duration: 3 - 3 - 3

Upload Time: 3

Cooldown: 10

Ram Cost: 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Short Circuit is a Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are abilities that some characters can use to affect NPCs or the surroundings. You'll need a Cyberdeck in order to equip and use your Quickhacks.


Overloads an enemy's microcircuits, producing a devastating electrical current of almost 2 million Volts.


Short Circuit Information

  • Price: 60 - 600 - 1000 - 1400


Where to Find Short Circuit

  • Can be found at ???


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Short Circuit Notes & Trivia

  • Melee crits, including from your bare fists, also trigger the Legendary version's effect.


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    • Anonymous

      The absolute toppest-tier quickhack. Legendary Short Circuit is a must have and should be in every cyberdeck.

      • Anonymous

        Passive work with crit grenades? Or does it only work on ranged and melee weapons? All I know is that it definitely doesn't work with the projectile launching system, although in theory it should be considered a weapon.

        • Anonymous

          I think I got a legendary one for the "oldschool" chip-quest (you have to investigate the fridge at the landfill where you got dropped by DeShawn after the heist). Same place you can find the iconic pistol of DeShawn. Had to bring it to Nyx at the afterlife.
          Needs Confirmation

          • Anonymous

            Legendary is an absolute monster, it trivializes the whole game when paired with a fast shooting weapon and/or a cool build

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