MTOD12 Flathead

DPS ?? Rarity ??
PNT ?? Recoil ??
ACC ?? Spread ??
ROF ?? Range ??

MTOD12 Flathead is a  Weapon for Cyberpunk 2077.  Weapons are the wide array of tools from firearms, melee weapons to cyber-implants that would be used by V.



Information about the MTOD12 Flathead

 The MTOD12 also called "Flathead" is a military grade bot for surveillance and reconnaissance missions that can be remotely controlled by the user by using a Spiderbot Splinter chip. The bot is equipped with Dynamic camo armor (it provides stealth) and can walk through ceilings and walls.


Where the MTOD12 Flathead is found/bought

  • It can be obtained in the quest Going Pro where the player is asked to retrieve it


Modifications for MTOD12 Flathead

  • ??


Notes and trivia about the MTOD12 Flathead

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