Related Attribute Intelligence
How to Level Up Using Quickhack on enemies.

Quickhacking is a Skill in Cyberpunk 2077. Quickhacking is a skill that is related to the Intelligence attribute. Skills are but a part of your Character’s build and are strictly linked by your Attributes. That means that you can’t level a skill higher than your attribute level. You will be leveling your Skills by executing various gameplay actions. Some skills can also be enhanced through Cyberware. Meanwhile, other skills can come in useful during dialog, offering responses you wouldn’t be able to pick otherwise.


Quickhacking Description

  • Related Attribute: Intelligence
  • This skill can be leveled up by using Quickhack on hostile characters.
  • The Quickhacking skill improves the effectiveness of distorting enemies with the use of Quickhack.


Quickhacking Perks


Quickhacking Progression Rewards

Skill Level Rewards
1 --
2 +1 Perk Point.
3 Increases Quickhack Duration by 5%.
4 +1 Perk Point.
5 Increases RAM by 1.
6 Decreases Quickhack Cooldown by 5%.
7 Increases Quickhack Duration by 5%.
8 Decreases Quickhack Cooldown by 5%.
9 +1 Perk Point.
10 Increases RAM by 1.
11 +1 Perk Point.
12 Decreases Quickhack Cooldown by 5%.
13 Increases Quickhack Duration by 5%.
14 +1 Perk Point.
15 Increases RAM by 1.
16 Decreases Quickhack Cooldown by 5%.
17 Increases Quickhack Duration by 5%.
18 Decreases Quickhack Cooldown by 5%.
19 +1 Perk Point.
20 Trait


Quickhacking Notes & Tips

  • Notes and other tips go here.
  • Maximizing a skill level to 10 with one out of the twelve skills grants the player with the "Ten Out of Ten" Trophy/Achievement.


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    • Anonymous

      You can level this up pretty fast by sleeping in your apartment bed to get the 20% bonus skill xp gain, and then use the “Distract Enemies” quick hack on vending machines. It will work whether there is anyone around or not. Just be sure to only use it once per machine, or you’ll get super diminished returns

      • Another method is to Breach a device that you can then ping. Then spam pings to 0 RAM, Rest to recover RAM. Repeat. It levels up Perks for both Breach Protocol and Quickhacking.

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