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Related Attribute Body
How to Level Up Execute Physical Actions

Athletics is a Skill in Cyberpunk 2077. Athletics is a skill that is related to the Body attribute. Skills are but a part of your Character’s build and are strictly linked by your Attributes. That means that you can’t level a skill higher than your attribute level. You will be leveling your Skills by executing various gameplay actions. Some skills can also be enhanced through Cyberware. Meanwhile, other skills can come in useful during dialog, offering responses you wouldn’t be able to pick otherwise.


Athletics Description

  • Related Attribute: Body
  • This skill can be leveled up by executing physical actions such as Running, Climbing, Sliding, Using your melee weapon and ripping out guns from turrrets..
  • The Athletics skill focuses on improving V's physicality by increasing the weight cap, stamina, regen. rate, and health.
  • The easiest way to gain XP with Athletics is by exhausting your Stamina bar with melee attacks.


Athletics Perks


Athletics Progression Rewards

Skill Level Rewards
Increases Carrying Capacity by 20.
3 +1 Perk Point
4 Increases Stamina by 5%.
5 Increases Stamina Regen Rate by 10%.
6 Increases Carrying Capacity by 40.
7 +1 Perk Point
8 +1 Perk Point
9 Increases Health by 5%.
10 +1 Perk Point
11 +1 Perk Point
12 Max Health +5%
13 Increases Carrying Capacity by 100.
14 +1 Perk Point
15 Health regen out of combat +10%
16 +1 Perk Point
17 Max Health +5%
18 Armor +3%
19 +1 Perk Point
20 Trait


Athletics Notes & Tips

  • The easiest way to gain XP with Athletics is by exhausting your Stamina bar with melee attacks.
  • You will gain xp with melee weapons even if you are not fighting anyone. Just play around with a katana for awhile and it will go up.
  • Another way is to move into a tight space and jump into the ceiling multiple times per second and exhausting the Stamina bar (40 xp/min).
  • Maximizing a skill level to 10 with one out of the twelve skills grants the player with the "Ten Out of Ten" Trophy/Achievement.


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    • Anonymous

      "Another way is to move into a tight space and jump into the ceiling multiple times per second and exhausting the Stamina bar (40 xp/min)."

      This is false, if you get into a tight enough space like on the boxes by the open windows in one of the upstairs rooms of the building from "Gig: Many Ways to Skin a Cat" you can easily get 75xp per 25 seconds, even without a turbo controller. Making this over 150xp per minute.

      • Anonymous

        1. Deplete your stamina to about half of the bar.(Punch the Air!!).
        2. Activate Berserk.
        3. Slide.
        4. Open your inventory while sliding.
        5. Profit!!

        You can even check the skill progression if you switch between Main attributes menu(Body, Reflexes, Tech Ability, etc.) and Athletics perk tree.
        Credit to Anonymous for steps 2 through 4.

        • Anonymous

          I tried posting a longer version of this and it didn't work, but here's a way to get thousands of exp for Athletics.

          1. Have a berserk operating system and a pair of mantis blades, legendary on both is best. (I have Militech Berserk.)

          2. Have the maneuvering system in the nervous system so that you can use the speed thing with it, otherwise get a fast motorcycle.

          3. Get into a battle and completely deplete your stamina bar until it starts refilling, and as it does use berserk. (I chose the border patrol as there's lots of enemies and they're easy to respawn.)

          4. Hack and slash your enemies to pieces as fast as you can until the initial part of the berserk runs out. Afterward (when the screen turns slightly red) go hide somewhere the enemies can't hurt you.

          5. Wait for the cooldown of the berserk to go away making the screen turn slightly blue again.

          6. Rinse and repeat as your heart desires.

          This also gives you lots of weapons to sell so it's a good eddie making strategy, and it also works for other skills like Blades (obviously), Assault, Annihilation, and handguns. It even gets engineering up, but I don't know by how much as I already maxed mine out already.

          • Anonymous

            a non-glitchy way to level Athletics: melee kills (i use a katana) while in Berserk give 100-150 xp per kill, depending on enemy type and difficulty

            • Anonymous

              1) Activate berserk
              2) Slide
              3) Open inventory while sliding
              4) athletics XP keep coming as long as you stay in inventory/character screen. Lvl 20 in under 20 min.

              • Anonymous

                I played 30 hours, no vehicle (pretty sad), always running to use stamina, also forcing every window/door I can, and using mainly melee weapons which is the best to level up athletics : I am level 12, only level 3 in athletics , while I am yet level 7 in street fight, annihilation, furtivity, quickhacking, etc. There is obviously a disbalance here against athletics, needs a patch.

                • Anonymous

                  This should grow up not only by consuming stamina and 20xp is nothing to rise it to a decent level. This kind of grind is absolutely bullshit

                  • Anonymous

                    Stand underneath a staircase and hold Forward while Jumping and Melee. Drains stamina in about 5-7 seconds. I'd recommend a macro.

                    • Anonymous

                      Berserk OS seem to give Athletics XP when you do things like attacking or jumping for every action while the Berserk is active.. Spamming Attacks with a fast melee weapon (hitting nothing is faster than hitting something) while spamming jumps in a low ceiling (like inside a cargo container) seem to give the most exp..

                      • Anonymous

                        An easy way to level this skill is to activate the Berserk cyberware (as mentioned by another comment), walk onto a busy street and punch cars (no need to destroy them).

                        • Anonymous

                          If you use the berserk cyberware (instead of a hacking deck) it will level up your athletics significantly faster.

                          • Anonymous

                            I've been testing this abit. and found a few things.
                            1. It is only increased by actual stamina consumption. If you jump until your out of stamina and continue to jump until its recharged fully, only jumps with stamina drain contribute to exp. So this will save your space bar a few months of usage.
                            2. Things which increase total stamina and stamina regen, speed up this process, as this increases the time spent draining actual stamina, and reduces stamina downtime.
                            3. All consumption does contribute but some are easier to do and others are faster. This is dependant on the actual speed you drain your stamina bar, i've not found any hidden properties such as jumping consumes x ammount of stamina but only generates x/2 of total stamina drain and ect. Fastest way i have found so far is to stand below a low ceiling and spam jump and any melee attack until out of stamina, wait until fully rechaged, repeat. Doing this nets me 20exp every 30 seconds with my current stamina pool and regen rate. Again the more stamina you have and faster regen will speed it up.
                            4. Unsure how perks such as dodge is free of stamina consumption will effect this. would it 1. improve speed as their is no downtime, or 2. Not net any stamina exp because it doesnt consume stamina.
                            5. If you can find an eager melee fighter who spams heavy attacks, this should be the fastest way to generate stamina exp as they can drain your stamina in usually one hit.

                            • Anonymous

                              this really needs a rework, it levels so much slower than any other skill, makes me wonder if running everywhere and never getting into a car is the best way to level this even at a slightly decent rate.

                              • Anonymous

                                i think the XP is given based on stamina comsumption. if you just go around swinging a melee weapon you'll get athletics XP every now and then. i think each XP tick comes after a certain amount of stamina is expended. though it does level up REALLY slow.

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