Classes in Cyberpunk 2077 provide a framework for how your Character will evolve and play through the game as you apply Skills and Abilities.  

The many and varied roles available in the original Cyberpunk 2020 game have been refined down to just three options available to the player in Cyberpunk 2077: Techie, Solo and Netrunner. These classes do not necessarily follow the traditional paradigm of warrior/rogue/mage, but instead introduce new gameplay styles centered around the Cyberpunk aesthetic.

Cyberpunk used a fluid class system so you won't be locked into just one class. Instead, you can mix and match abilities between Techie, Solo and Netrunner.

Classes in Cyberpunk 2077 are built with the progression of V's career and choices of various abilities in Night City, and initial choices are not limiting: a build that begins as a solo-oriented build may evolve into a techie-based one as the game progresses, and so on. Classes in Cyberpunk 2077 are intended to be fluid, giving players the freedom to play what they want.. 

In addition to a player's choices in terms of Classes, Skills and Abilities, their character's backstory, chosen at Character Creation, will also inform how the world and characters around them react to and interact with the player. 


Cyberpunk 2077 Classes


Playable Classes


In the 2020 tabletop game, Techies fulfilled the crafting role of the game. Slightly shady, they perform engineering and technical services on an 'off-the-record' basis for clients from all walks of life. Their skills with building and modifying technology are in high demand in the neon-lit darkness of Night City, and their services extend to many types of tech, as well as electronic security installation, weaponsmithing and teaching. Techie's skills with building traps, technological sabotage and hacking can be used to their advantage in combat scenarios. 

The Techie class' signature ability is 'Jury Rig' which helps players achieve higher proficiency with improvised engineering. 


Solo classes provide the opportunity to play as a lone mercenary character, working as a hitman, bodyguard, or anything that else that pays well and offers violence. Many Solo variants have a military background, whether national or within a corporate army, and many sport cybernetic prosthetics in place of lost limbs. 

Primarily fighters, and essentially Cyberpunk 2077's answer to the warrior or DPS class, Solo classes take advantage of Skills in a wide variety of weapons and both armed and unarmed combat proficiencies, as well as combinations of heightened perception, stealth and athletics. 

The Solo class' signature ability is 'Combat Sense', giving them an increased sense of imminent dangers, traps and general harm. 


The Netrunners are the super-hackers of 2020's Night City, and seem likely to fulfil the same role in Cyberpunk 2077's. Using high-tech brain-computer interfaces, Netrunners plug themselves in and scour the internet in VR for high-value information to use as a weapon, or sell on the black market. Netrunner Skills include areas such as programming, hacking, electronics and cybersecurity. Advanced cybernetic enhancements allow Netrunners to essentially hack into the minds of their enemies and infect them with viruses. 

The Netrunner, to some extent, fulfills the traditional 'stealth' role in RPGs, but is realized very differently in the Cyberpunk universe. 

The Netrunner class' signature ability is 'Interface', which allows them to directly interface with all sorts of technology, such as an enemy guard to access a building's security network. 


Non-Playable/NPC Classes

Some classes from the tabletop game make a reappearance as non-playable classes, appearing as NPCs and Enemies. These classes include (but are not limited to):


Rockerboys are characters who 'use music and charisma to fight authority', apparently. 


Anarchic tribes and communities of exiles from the corporate world, these Nomads wander the highways looking for opportunities. 


At least two types of hackers appear to feature as non-playable classes. One of these uses computer viruses to complete his work, which is considered outdated by the Netrunner class, who uses far more high-tech solutions. 


Various other non-playable classes are rumored, but are as yet unconfirmed.

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    • Anonymous

      Please create a page about device hacks. "Distract, Remote Activation, Take Control, Breach Protocol, Steal Data, Overload, Friendly Mode, Assist Mode".

      • Anonymous

        "Cyberpunk used a fluid class system so you won't be locked into just one class. Instead, you can mix and match abilities between Techie, Solo and Netrunner.

        Classes in Cyberpunk 2077 are intended to be fluid, giving players the freedom to play what they want.."

        No, not really. There is currently NO method to redistribute your 5 core attributes (other than console commands) - the rank of perks available in each attribute is limited by attribute score and the sub skill levels are capped at the attribute score.

        Fundamentally this means that you cannot fluidly change your builds like this suggests at higher levels because you simply do not have access to stronger perks for uninvested stats. If I have 20 INT/20TECH build that is a god at crafting and quickhacking, I cannot suddenly become a melee god because my BODY and REFLEX are still 3.

        There is a consumable item you can buy from ripperdocs, "Tabula Rasa", that resets Perk Points, but that is limited in flexibility by the issue above. The best it can provide is allowing investment into different trees within a given stat, so you can switch between shotguns and fists if you have BODY or swap between handguns, blades, and rifles if you have REFLEX.

        Disappointing really.

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