Desperate Measures

Gig Type  Thievery
Location Santo Domingo (Arroyo)
Requirement n/a
Reward €$ 17610

Desperate Measures is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 that was added in the Edgerunners updateDesperate Measures can be acquired from Muamar "El Capitan" Reyes. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Desperate Measures Objectives

  • Meet with Pedro in his motel room.
  • Talk to Pedro.
  • Take the Shard.
  • Be at Kenmore Diner at 5pm.
  • Grab a seat in the diner and wait for Pedro's call.
  • Take the Passenger seat.
  • Slot in Pedro's Shard.
  • Lose the Zetatech pursuers.
  • Leave the car at Tirempire.
  • Exit the car.


Desperate Measures Walkthrough

  • This gig will automatically be available after the Edgerunners update. You'll receive a phone call from Muamar "El Capitan" Reyes while driving around Arroyo near Wollesen St in Santo Domingo. This will initially start the gig. Near Wollesen St, head over to Pedro's Motel room at room 031. He'll let you know about the plans of stealing an Automated Zetatech Transport from his employer which is hauling AV thrusters. Pedro will be in charge of tracking the transport and hacking it while you will be tasked with driving it off. After planning is done, be at  Kenmore Cafe at 5pm and wait for instructions from Pedro regarding the truck. The cafe is close by, so you can just follow your GPS on the minimap. Before leaving the motel, don't forget to take the shard on Pedro's desk which will be used to hack the truck. Once you arrive at the diner, grab a seat while waiting for Pedro's instructions. After Pedro calls you, make sure that you're looking at the intersection from the window by your seat. In a short while, you'll see the transport being stopped by a barricade, and that's when Pedro will tell you to intercept it. Immediately go to the passenger seat of the transport and wait for Pedro to take control of the vehicle. Pedro will drive the car remotely to a destination while you'll be in charge of defending it from Zetatech pursuers on the way. You'll encounter about 4 Zetatech vehicles, so immediately take them out by shooting the gunmen and the drivers of each vehicle. After taking the pursuers out, Pedro will tell you to take the wheel since he's being compromised at the motel. So, just drive the car to Tirempire which is indicated on the minimap and once you arrive, exit the vehicle. This will mark the end of this gig.

 How to unlock Desperate Measures


Desperate Measures Rewards

  • €$ 17610


Desperate Measures Notes & Tips

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