Freedom of the Press

Gig Type SOS: Merc Needed
Location Watson (Northside)
Requirement Street Cred Rank 8
Reward 299 XP / 673 Street Cred / €$4860

Freedom of the Press is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077. Freedom of the Press can be acquired from Regina Jones. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Freedom of the Press Objectives

  • Rescue Max and bring him to me


Freedom of the Press Walkthrough

  • Navigate the trapped room
  • When confronting max is "No, I'm not" or Max will kill himself and you will fail the mission.
  • Escort Max outside. You can lead him through the other door in his room which will take you through a previously locked door, or if you disarmed all the traps you can take him the way you came in.
  • Doing a non-fatal takedown when he stands up will allow you to stuff him in the car trunk outside and still pass the mission.


 How to unlock Freedom of the Press

  • Quest Giver: Regina Jones
  • Location: The old broadcast TV in Northside


Freedom of the Press Rewards

  • 299 XP / 673 Street Cred / €$4860


Freedom of the Press Notes & Tips

  • The front door requires 8 technical ability, but the building can be entered from an open ceiling light.
  • With the release of Patch 1.6 it was fixed an issue where further quests from Regina were blocked if Max died during the gig.


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    • Anonymous

      I accidently got a interesting outcome to this quest. While talking to max I somehow grappled him by mistake, and non leathally took him down. When I did so I got a conversation with Johnny about how I was almost as bad with media as he is.

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