Holdin' On


Job Type
Side Job (Major)
North Oak, Westbrook
Previous Job
Chippin' In or
Blistering Love
Next Job
Second Conflict
+382 EXP Points
+860 Street Cred

Holdin' On is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Holdin' On can be acquired from Johnny Silverhand after completing Blistering Love or Chippin' In. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Holdin' On Objectives

  • Meet Johnny by the North Oak sign.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Enter Kerry's property.
  • Find Kerry in his villa.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Follow Kerry.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Call Nancy.
  • Talk to Nancy.


Holdin' On Walkthrough

Meet with Kerry

  • After completing Chippin' In or Blistering Love, Johnny will ask you to have another talk. But this time, you will need to head to a pond at the foot of the North Oak sign in Westbrook. Talk to him and then head to Kerry's villa next.
  • Kerry's villa is also in Westbrook, and it's just near the pond, about 250m. Kerry's location will be automatically marked on the map, so just follow the waypoint to reach the villa - take note that Kerry has a security bot patrolling the villa, so proceed with caution.
  • If you use the intercom, he won't answer, so you are left with no other choice but to find another way in. You can climb up the rocks on the right side of the gate to sneak in. Once you're inside, all you have to do is to sneak around the bots and to reach the front door of the house.
  • Your next objective then is to find him. You'll trigger a couple of dialogue sequences with Johnny and you'll have to examine various items such as the guitar collection, the dining room table, the bed, and the car in the pool.
  • If you don't really have an interest in checking these out, then head to the double doors by the guitar collection and take the pills for Johnny to take over V's body.
  • Once Johnny takes over, play the tune of Never Fade Away. Kerry then confronts you and tests to see if it's really Johnny. When he asks you what Johnny told him before he died, answer him with "Told you to leave Samurai, go your own way.". From here, it's pretty much just dialogue sequences.
  • Just follow through with the dialogue, choose the dialogue lines that are highlighted yellow, and agree with helping him bringing back the Samurais - V then blacks out for a while and regains his consciousness back.
  • You'll then receive Nancy Hartley's contact, call her and talk to her. This ends the job and triggers the next, which is Second Conflict.


 How to unlock Holdin' On


Holdin' On Rewards

  • +382 EXP Points
  • +860 Street Cred


Holdin' On Notes & Tips

  • This is a major side job.
  • This also serves as the first string of side jobs related to Kerry  which also leads to a Romance sequence in the end.
  • Take note that players can only end up with a Romance sequence with Kerry Eurodyne if you are playing as a masculine V.


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    • Anonymous

      23 Dec 2020 17:11  

      Why Johnny tell Kerry that he and v are not on good terms lately? At his grave he told V he was like his closest friend.

      • Anonymous

        18 Dec 2020 21:01  

        So when Johnny takes control you can choose from three songs to play on Kerry's guitar. Chippin' In, Never Fade Away and Archangel. Except... Archangel apparently doesn't exist as a real song. I searched and the only mention of it was in an article way before the release, listing it in the OST. Did they just drop the song and forgot/didn't bother to change your options during the mission?

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